Providing government departments with excellent professional lock, safe, container and door vault services is key at Pensacola Lock and Safe Locksmiths.

At Pensacola Lock and Safe, We specialize in servicing our local government and military personnel.

We have a GSA Certified Inspector on staff! We have a Certified Locksmith on staff!

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When you need us, We will be ready. We can service all of your door and safe needs knowledgeably and efficiently. We have been locally owned and operated since 1982 so you can feel secure with us.

GSA Certified Locksmith

Security containers serve the purpose of holding classified equipment, documents, material – as well as valuables, weapons, funds, communication technology, or even controlled substances.

According to a Department of Defense regulation (5200.1R,), weapons, controlled substances, or funds (in cash or in the form of jewels, or precious metals) can never be kept in the same container as any classified information – since it compromises its safety.

This results in the need for many storage containers for classified material – all of which are thoroughly tested by the General Services Administration. When these containers pass the tests, they receive an official GSA label on their front exterior surface (when these labels are missing, the container is no longer GSA qualified, and requires a new inspection.) Pensacola Lock and Safe Locksmith is Pensacola certified GSA Certified Locksmith.


  • Replace broken GSA container parts
  • Welding
  • Suspension Servicing
  • Drawer repairs
  • Boltwork Repairs
  • Painting of the GSA Container
  • Re-certify GSA containers


  • Class 1 – AA-F-357 – These insulated containers are no longer manufactured, and offer more protection than two black label containers.
  • Class 2 – AA=F=357 – These insulated black label containers are no longer made.
  • Class 3 – AA-F-358 -These black label containers are no longer made.
  • Class 4 – AA-F-358 -These black label containers are no longer made.
  • Class 5 – AA-F-358 – These containers offer higher protection than class 6 containers, and are made in 2 or 4 drawer versions, in black, red or blue labels.
  • Class 6 – AA-F-358 – These containers are meant to be used in the field, and come in two and 5 drawer, black and red label versions.
  • Class 7 – AA-F-2815 – These 2 and 5 drawer, green label containers are no longer being manufactured.
  • Class 5 Vault – AA-D-600 – These black and red vaults have optional exterior viewing options.
  • Class 6 Vault – AA-D-600 – These black and red vaults have optional exterior viewing options, but are no longer made for armory use.
  • Class 8 Modular Vault – AA-D-2527 – These viewer optional vaults are no longer being manufactured.


Our Services

  • Safes- Sold, Serviced, Opened, and Repaired.
  • X0-7, X0-8, X0-9 locks Serviced, Opened, and Repaired.
  • Inspect and Re-certify Safe Containers.
  • We sell and service all types of safe locks.
  • Sargeant & Greenleaf, Mosler, Diebold, Lagard, Mas Hamilton, Kaba, Amsec, and many more.
  • We can move deliver, move and bolt down your safe.
  • We sell, service, and repair all types of Cypher locks.
  • We can install, implement and service complex master key systems.
  • We can install latchguards and cover plates for more security.
  • Alarmed locks for detection of unauthorized entry.
  • We install big door scopes for easier viewing access out your unmonitored doors.
  • We can make keys for your desks and auxiliary locks.